Freedom Isn't Free

Freedom Isn't Free

04 August 2014

No Marine left behind

   It's Military Monday.  Unfortunately, It's another day in court for USMC SGT Andrew Tahmooressi.  And, unfortunately, its going to be another night in jail for him as well.  Although its difficult to hear (military personnel are used to that), it may be some time for Tahmooressi is freed from a Mexican jail.  I don't like hearing it either, but its the truth.  The case is in the hands of the Mexican judicial system.  Like any judicial system (any government system really) time seems to slow down.  Call it red tape or whatever you want, that is the unfortunate way it is.  Tahmooressi's current lawyer, Fernando Benitez, was highly recommended to him & his family for this case. For a report from Fox News on the case please click here. It is the most comprehensive report that is available right now. 
   One of the most important things now is supporting Tahmooressi here on the home front.  His mother Jill Tahmooressi, was again at the Mexican court house today, as almost any mother would be.  Her trips to Mexico, lodging, etc., don't come cheap.   Bills are piling up.  Plus the previously mentioned attorney isn't working for free.  Lawyers are the same anywhere you go as long as you're not in a third world country ruled by sharia law. 
   All of this adds up to a lot of money.  Not enough for sergents' pay.  In this regard, someone has stepped in to help Tahmooressi and his family.  Honor Air, the organization that created the Honor Flights for Veterans of past wars to visit war memorials, has launched an appeal to help defray the costs Tahmooressi and his family are incurring. The appeal can be found at According to one estimate the expenses for his trial could reach $100,000.  If you don't know why Honor Air is getting involved, Tahmooressi's sister lives in North Carolina, where Honor Air and its founder Jeff Miller are based out of.
  Am I asking you to donate?  Hell yeah.  This is a very unfortunate circumstance.  Tahmooressi is suffering from PTSD and made, literally, a wrong turn.  There are 911 tapes that show he actually called a California 911 center and said he wasn't sure of his location.  Benitez has said his original lawyers could've gotten him out in the first 90 days but they were apparently too inept to do that.  We can only hope and pray that soon he will be freed.  The Honor Air site has a donate button you can click which will take you to a paypal account where you can donate with any major credit card.  There is also an address where you can send checks to help the Tahmooressi's cause.  Times are tough, I know.  It's tougher when your civil rights are being trampled on and you're jailed in a foreign country.
   As I said before, I also hope all of us can pray for Andrew to have strength while he is incarcerated, and to pray for his family which has to endure along with SGT Tahmooressi. 
   That is all.


  1. Oh dang it I just read an update on another site. Sorry Soldier, I have a lot on my mind about it and won't spew it here. Thank you though for posting about Andrew's mom, and they do desperately need help covering these mounting fees & expenses.
    There is a site set up to help. If folks could please check it out and help even a little.

    1. Carolyn, please tweet me the site with the update. andrewfreedomfund is good too. Thanks for the mention of their site!