Freedom Isn't Free

Freedom Isn't Free

22 October 2014

A call for reveille

   First and foremost, my prayers go out to the families of the Canadian Army soldiers killed murdered in the past few days first in Quebec and now in Ottawa.  While the politicians wait to figure out what is going on, I am issuing a warning to members of the Military in ALL Western nations: Prepare to defend yourself. 
   These cowardly acts of murder and terror are a warning for all Military members; active duty, reserves, national guard.  ISIS has said they want to attack Military members in their homes.  It is now coming to fruition.  And, it has happened in both Britain and the U.S.  It is disgusting.  One of the things that makes it disgusting is that our country's leaders refuse to admit it is happening in the U.S.A.  Its always workplace violence or just a random act of crime.  Bull.  The reason why it isn't happening more frequently in the U.S. is because of our 2nd Amendment.  Nations like the U.K. and Canada, where gun ownership is either illegal or virtually impossible, are virtually painting targets on the backs of their Military members.  I have had the pleasure to serve with members of the Canadian Military and the U.K. Military (Staffordshire Regiment blokes) and I hope that all of them stay safe.  I know from statistics that this blog is read in many different countries like the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, Australia, and the Ukraine, among others.  This is your call to awaken, your reveille if you will.  Protect your six and your battle buddies six.  The "radicalized" terrorists may be home grown now.  And your street may become a battleground.  Vary your travel routines. Stay alert.


   Silhouette yourself.  Members of combat arms units are taught not to silhouette yourself.  Not to get yourself noticed on the battlefield.  But, it seems, the media is taking this to the nth level (surprise, surprise).  A well known Vietnam Veteran from Pennsylvania recently attended and spoke at a dedication in Washington, D.C. for a monument for Veterans who are totally disabled.  What, you didn't hear about it?  That's the problem.  The New York Times didn't cover it.  Almost no one did.  This Veteran lost two legs and an arm serving his country.  This monument is dedicated to the selfless sacrifice he and others have given for this country, and more people know about Renee Zellweiger's plastic surgery than a monument that is dedicated to men and women who have sacrificed everything but their life for this country!  It is time to silhouette what Veterans do.  We have to be the media.  We have to be our own public relations.  Stand up on that hilltop and shout "Hey look at what is going on here!"  I will gladly give any Veterans group publicity here.  Just give me an email at  This Veterans Day let us be outspoken.  This is a Fire For Effect mission.  For those of you who don't know what I mean, when artillery or mortars hit their target, the forward observer calls fire for effect.  All rounds you have from all your guns go to those coordinates.  Blast it to bits, so to say.  Well, we Veterans should Fire For effect with publicity for this coming Veterans Day.  And every single day after that. HOOAH!

   Hey did you hear that the Mexican judicial system has said they can't take care of SGT Andrew Tahmooressi's PTSD?  Yeah, two weeks ago.  What's happened since then?  Absolutely nothing.  If the Mexican government is going to act and free SGT Tahmooressi then justice travels very, very slowly in Mexico.  If they wanted to get a message about SGT Tahmooressi to the White House, they should probably strap it to the back of an illegal immigrant crossing the border.  Wanna talk about record time?  That would be it.
   So what is being done onthis side of the border?  Here is a list of the cosponsors for House Resolution 620, which asks the government of Mexico to release SGT Tahmooressi.  So far it has been to three different committees in the House of Representatives.  So far as I know, the Senate doesn't want to touch it.  That would mean they would actually have to pass something on to the White House.  Hell, President Obama has a pen and a phone.  Why does he need the Senate to do anything?  He can just call up the Mexican president and ask him to have SGT Tahmooressi released.  He has called the Mexican government.  While other officials in the White House and the Obama administration has talked to the Mexican government, he (Pres. Obama) has NEVER mentioned SGT Tahmooressi.  Silence speaks volumes at times.
   Officially, here is the latest news on SGT Andrew Tahmooressi.  We all can only hope he will be released soon.

That is all. 

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  1. Thank you Soldier for your thoughts for Canadians. I love my birth country, they are very welcoming and politically correct, but can be tough as nails too. I pray they will keep tough and strong with these attacks. My heart goes out to the Soldiers' families as well.
    Thank you for all you do still to fight. I wish more Americans would join so you guys didn't constantly have to.