Freedom Isn't Free

Freedom Isn't Free

01 November 2014

On the Way!!

   Free at last.  Sgt Andrew Tahmooressi is finally free from his Mexican jail cell.  Without a doubt this should have happened a lot sooner.  Like 214 days sooner.  But, if there is anything good that has come of this, it is the fact that a group of Americans were able to band together and bring about the release of a Veteran from a Mexican jail.  What, you say it was a Mexican judge's ruling that set SGT Tahmooressi free?  Yep, you're right.  But, if anyone thinks Tahmooressi would be free today if it weren't for people like Montel Williams, Greta Van Sustern and USMCfamily (twitter handle), among others, then you might be voting for Pres. Obama soon.  More about the upcoming election later on in this post.
   No, SGT Tahmooressi is free today because a group of people to include members of the media and even some politicians, took to the rooftops and let the world know that an injustice was being committed.  If  you wrote a letter, made a phone call, or sent an email/tweet/facebook post you are part of the reason SGT Tahmooressi is free.  There is strength in numbers.  We have seen that before during the VA scandal, and we are seeing it now with Tahmooressi's release.  It's a team effort.  That "team effort"is one of the basic tenets why the U.S. Military is one of the premier fighting forces in world.  The U.S. Army Infantry relies on "buddy teams" to fight and move onto objectives.  It is those buddy teams that helped our country win wars in Germany, Korea, Vietnam (yes Virginia, militarily we won the war in Vietnam), Iraq and Afghanistan.  Weapons systems used in the Military require a "team effort" as well.  On a mortar crew you need a gunner, assistant gunner/loader, a gun leader.  In mechanized units the driver also sets the charges for the mortar round and may also operate the field phone with your fire direction control group.  It takes all of those soldiers to send a round down range.  And when the asst gunner is hanging that round and he yells "On the way!!" it is through the efforts of countless days training.  Training with a gun crew.  Training with his platoon.  In a lot ways it is "We the People" personified on the battlefield.


    Rock the vote.  I alluded to the upcoming elections before.  I really do try to keep out of the politics.  This is a blog on Veterans Issues and Military issues.  Too often, however, politics is tied into how our Veterans are treated in the U.S.A.  The VA scandal is an outstanding example of politics and politicians rearing their ugly heads in the affairs of Veterans.  I am a conservative and a firm advocate of the U.S. Constitution.  That being said, I will forever be an advocate of anyone who has the privilege of being able to legally vote in the United States to do so.  Election experts say we may see only about 20 to 30 % of registered voters vote in the upcoming Election 2014.  That is a travesty.  Earlier this year, the people of Scotland voted in a referendum on their independence from the United Kingdom.  More that 80% of them voted.  One can only wonder what it would take for almost 90% of registered voters to actually cast a vote in an election in the U.S.  The talk among the election experts in the media is which party can "energize" their voters to actually vote.  Some say that the inaction by the current president means democrats will stay home and not vote.  How about this, how about if you do vote and you register your disagreement with the way the United States is heading?  If you don't like how the U.S. Senate isn't doing its job, go and vote.  If you are a democrat it doesn't mean you can't vote for a republican, does it?  I refuse to vote "straight party".  I vote my mind.  Whenever someone goes into a voting booth it should be like their political affiliation is gone.  Poof.  No more republican or democrat.  You're now an independent.  Vote for whoever you feel like in a general election.  Here in PA, I have to choose one of the two major parties to vote in the Primary elections.  That is something I'd love to see changed but first things first.  Lets vote!
   After this election both the House of Representatives and the Senate could be under control of the Republican party.  Harry Reid wouldn't be able to stop a vote on any bill presented to it from the House.  This would be the Legislative branch of government against the Executive branch.  One of the reasons why House resolution 620 (dealing with the imprisonment of SGT Tahmooressi) never made it out of committee was because it wouldn't be passed by the liberal controlled Senate onto a president who never lifted a pen or a phone to help out SGT Tahmooressi.
   But, I digress.  My whole reason for writing about the election is that we need more of our country voting.  Does it have to be about states' rights?  Well, it is.  Does it have to be about the security of our nation?  Well, it is.  To me, though, voting is about honoring those men and women who wear the Military uniform of the United States of America.  To me, voting is about the ultimate sacrifice far too many of my brothers and sisters have given for this country.
   When it all comes down to it, I want every American citizen to vote.  Make your voice heard by voting.  I've talked about the "team effort" it takes for a mortar platoon to function.  Well, for our government to function it takes the same effort.  "We The People" have to go out and vote.  Don't sit home.  Don't think that not casting a vote is your way of voting.  Vote.  Vote your mind. 
   I cant really speak about financial issues.  Trust me, my wife can vouch for that.  I can only speak about issues of the Military and the Veterans.  And regarding those issues, I can emphatically say our Veterans deserve better than what a lot of democrats have given us.  Most have never served in the Military.  To them, the Military is a humanitarian organization to help rebuild some place or to help with a medical issue like ebola.  To a lot of Democrats (and some Republicans), the promises made to Veterans are an agreement that can be changed.  That is wrong.  A promise made to defend your country is a promise that should be kept in whole.  Its a promise "We The People" need to make a "Team effort" to keep.  And, to keep those promises to our Military and our Veterans, we need to vote.  Look at who didn't sign HR 620 and, if they are up for election, send them a message by voting. 
   I ask that you share this blog with anyone who has the privilege to vote.  I hope that they will vote, no matter whom they vote for.  It is the least any of us can do to honor our Veterans.
That is all.

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