Freedom Isn't Free

Freedom Isn't Free

04 July 2014

Freedom isn't free

   Happy Independence Day!
   I'm posting today because its going to be a busy weekend but also because Independence and freedom have a lot to do with today's blog. Let's get down to it.
   The VA Scandal
   A day doesn't go by that more and more is uncovered about the scandal.  Any Veteran has a personal story or knows of a story from a fellow Veteran about long wait times, that's nothing new.  It's freaking horrible and has to stop.  Hopefully, once confirmed McDonaldwill be able to change that.  Only time will tell. 
   New is the fact that there is finally a link between the VA bonuses and the crime of making Veterans wait longer because of appointment requests being put into a desk drawer or otherwise forgotten.  The link to that story in the USA Today is here. Over $380,000 paid to officials involved (go ahead tell me they didn't know) in the waiting list VA Scandal. This includes the medical inspector for the VA himself!  The names listed are only a partial list of those involved and its time to press charges.
   That's where this next story comes into play.  Are these enough to "fix" the VA? No, not hardly.  However, its a start.  Notice in the blog report that the VA has switched around $390 mil for private hospitals to help alleviate Veterans waiting for care.  That's a drop in the bucket as far as most Veterans are concerned and the politicians in Congress have to act to make this more of a solution than it is right now.  O that's right, Congress is on recess.  If you see any of them while they are home, please let them know they need to make sure our Veterans are treated better that illegal immigrants walking into our country from Mexico.  The thought of Veterans living on the streets, no job and no healthcare is enough to make my blood boil!
   Bring Back Our Marine
   Now for the part of my blog about independence.  We have a US Marine that is falsely imprisioned in Mexico and we need to bring him back home to America, the land of Independence and Freedom!  Currently SGT Andrew Tahmooressi has a hearing set for 9 July.  This news article from the L.A. Times gives a current run down on the Tahmooressi's situation.  I will have more about Tahmooressi in my next blog.  I'm hoping he will be freed next week.  It is a travesty that he isn't a free man now.
   Please enjoy your Independence Day holiday.  Remember that you enjoy the freedoms we have in this country because men and women have paid the ultimate price to protect and dend our country.  God Bless the USA!
That is all.

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  1. Well said again Soldier. Time will tell about the new VA pick. Not all were happy with that choice, but hopefully he'll be able to clean things up, but I hope more will be done. I don't think replacing the top boss is enough.
    I've been thinking a lot today and the past while about freedom- if anyone deserves it, it's those who fought and fight for it. I pray Andrew will be home soon, and hope things can change for the better as far as taking care of our heroes goes.
    Thank you.