Freedom Isn't Free

Freedom Isn't Free

14 July 2014

Take the initiative

   If you've ever served in the military, you've witnessed a 1st Sgt. standing in front of a company going off.  An entire company at parade rest listening with rapt attention while their top NCO explains to them how, where and/or why they have found themselves in a formation listening to a 30- or 40-year veteran of the military tell them how far their collective head is up their ass.  Usually, you know when you hear there's going to be a formation.  Its usually at an unusual hour for a formation, like say 0300 hrs. on a weekend.  Maybe you've heard scuttlebutt about Pvt. So-in-so enjoying the courtesy of a bunk at the M.P.'s fine quarters (Navy guys call it the brig).  Or maybe you've just walked into a barracks that is trashed beyond even the low expectations of cleanliness held in many third world countries.  You know as you file into formation its going to get heated.
   Right from the start, this is going to be one of those rants.  But I don't want to preach to the choir.  Most of the times that Top Shirt is trying to get his soldiers motivated in one of the most tried and true ways that he knows.  Yeah, this is going to be one of those rants.
   What the hell is being done with the VA Scandal?  I ask you because I certainly don't see anything being done.  Yes, I understand there have been some changes. Yes I know that the politicians are holding their Congressional hearings to "get to the bottom" of the scandal.  But, the truth of the matter is, not much is being changed as of right now.
   Why/ you may ask.  Well, look at the (political) immigration scandal at our Southern border. Well, look at the (political) trips the President is making.  There's ISIS (or ISIL I'm still not sure what the acronym is for the rising caliphate where Veterans' blood was spilled within the last 12 years) and there's Israeli airstrikes against Hamas (or is it Ham-Ass?Again,I'm not sure).  And, somewhere in the background are Veterans who are still waiting for care.  Or, there's other programs run by the VA that are also under mismanagement. None of that is new to Veterans, absolutely nothing. 
   While there are fewer hard news stories in the media (when it is covered) there are editorials in various media outlets. One excellent editorial from the Ft. Worth Star Telegram is here. And this is where we can take the initiative and make sure our Veterans get the care and all the other things promised to them, that they deserve.  Ladies and gents, its time to take the pen, keyboard, or phone and make sure the local populace understands that the VA Scandal is alive and tied up by the same politicians and bureaucrarts that enabled the scandal to exist at all.
   Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper.  Call a local radio talk show.  Call the comment line for your local radio/t.v. station.  Let them know that there are still Veterans waiting for medical care.  That there are still Veterans waiting for benefits that have long been promised but are always short on delivery. Keep this alive on social media.  Lets get #VAScandal trending.  And, as always, let your U.S. Senators and House Representatives know that it is still a burning topic.  If they want to continue living it up in Washington, D.C. they'll listen (at least when its election time).  And maybe, just maybe, enough of the politicians will start talking about it that the President will use his pen or his phone to do something about it now.  Wouldn't that be something.
That is all.

  At one time or another you will realize you can't count on the government to do just about anything right.  Luckily for those Veterans returning wounded there are organizations like Fisher House Organization.  I encourage anyone and everyone to support the organizations that help our Veterans while the politicians hem and haw about what to do.  Thank you.

I took an Oath to serve my country and protect her from all of her enemies.  Although retired from the military now, I am an OathKeeper.  Find out more about the OathKeepers here.


  1. Excellently said Soldier. I'll be sharing as much as possible.

  2. Thank you. Its an honor to continue to serve this country and my Brothers and Sisters in Arms, the Veterans of the USA.